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Atropolis and Carol C Get Flouncy in Upbeat ‘Which Way to Go’ Video

The top of the work week can be tough, but Atropolis and his vocally blessed gal-pal Carol C are doing their best to provide relief. The…
Chris Martins / July 23, 2013

The Front Bottoms Fight Suburban Hometown Blues in ‘Funny You Should Ask’ Video

New Jersey duo Front Bottoms excel at crafting folk-inflected pop-punk, songs occupied by characters that are too smart (and too sensitive) for their own good.
Kyle McGovern / July 23, 2013

‘Blurred Lines’-‘Growing Pains’ Mashup Reminds That, Yes, Robin Thicke Is Jason Seaver’s Son

Now that Robin Thicke is a chart-topping hitmaker, a wider audience is discovering what R&B listeners have long known: Yes, that guy with the soul-dripping…
Marc Hogan / July 23, 2013

Hear Icona Pop’s Euphoric Single ‘All Night,’ From Fall LP ‘This Is… Icona Pop’

Icona Pop's breakout hit chases a spirit of reckless abandon, but the Swedish electro-poppers have taken care crafting their proper debut album. Charli XCX-boosted banger…
Marc Hogan / July 23, 2013

Stream Franz Ferdinand’s Entire ‘Live on Letterman’ Webcast

Franz Ferdinand are promising Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action on August 27. In advance of their upcoming fourth album, the Scottish post-punks played a Live…
Kyle McGovern / July 23, 2013

Kelly Rowland Airs Out ‘Dirty Laundry’ in Tear-Soaked Video

Kelly Rowland's "Dirty Laundry" is a brave combination of gut-wrenching real talk and haunting production. It's a powerful song that, yes, refers to the former…
Chris Martins / July 22, 2013

Scott & Charlene’s Wedding Help a ‘Self-Destructive’ Friend on Ramshackle ‘Wild Heart’

Scott & Charlene's Wedding, the brainchild of Australian slack-pop prince Craig Dermody, released their latest album today (July 22) in the U.K. via Fire Records.
Kyle McGovern / July 22, 2013

Beady Eye Wink From Within a Pile of Naked Women in ‘Shine a Light’ Video

Liam Gallagher has something in common with Justin Timberlake and Robin Thicke and it's not the size of, um, his ego. The latest video from…
Chris Martins / July 22, 2013

Stream Blond:ish’s Hypnotic ‘Inward Visions’ EP

Don't let the name fool you: Blond:ish are making some seriously dark ish on their new single for Kompakt. This is the Montreal-via-London duo's second…
Philip Sherburne / July 22, 2013

Hear Cut Copy’s Throbbing, Limited-Edition New Single ‘Let Me Show You’

Cut Copy took an old-world approach to releasing their new single. In a throwback move that would likely make Jack White proud, the Australian dance…
Kyle McGovern / July 22, 2013

Elvis Costello and the Roots Get Funked in ‘Walk Us Uptown’ Video

Elvis Costello and the Roots finally give us a taste of what to expect on their upcoming collaborative album. "Walk Us Uptown" is the first…
Dan Reilly / July 22, 2013

Watch Florence Welch Pound Tequila and Sing Daft Punk

Florence Welch is no stranger to having the occasional cocktail. After all, she wrote her 2011 hit "Shake It Out" about a nasty hangover and…
Dan Reilly / July 22, 2013

The Flaming Lips Terrorize Devo’s ‘Gates of Steel’ in Laser-Lit Video

Last week, the Flaming Lips turned in a strangely straightforward music video for "Turning Violent," a slow-burning stunner off the Oklahoma freaks' Essential new album, The…
Kyle McGovern / July 22, 2013

Stream Bad Cop’s Depraved Blues-Punk Bonus Cut ‘Barbarella Graham’

Nashville punks Bad Cop will release their latest EP, Light On, on July 23 through their very own label, Jeffery Drag Records. (French Kiss Label Group…
Kyle McGovern / July 22, 2013

Stream the Mallard’s Garage-Psych Swan Song ‘Finding Meaning in Deference’

The Mallard broke up earlier this year, and the San Francisco crew's second album, Finding Meaning in Deference, still hasn't seen the light of day. That'll…
Kyle McGovern / July 22, 2013
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