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Stream Tony Gardner and Ro1up’s Blissed Out ‘Layover in Atlanta’

Tony Gardner is best known for handing numerous beats over to Brick Squad secret weapon, Ice Burgandy. Last year's mixtape Rhythm & Burgandy was almost…
Brandon Soderberg / September 5, 2013

U m.A.A.D.? See Cassie Lift Kendrick Lamar for Breathy ‘I Know What You Want’

For a half-decade now, Cassie's zero gravity R&B of yore has been powering the music of dance producers and fellow singers looking to emulate her…
Jordan Sargent / September 5, 2013

What ‘The Fox’ Say? Norway’s ‘Song of the Summer’ Could Be 2013’s ‘Friday’

That Aristotle was full of shit. Humans are often thought to be the "rational animal" — okay, nerds, we realize Aristotle didn't actually quite say…
Marc Hogan / September 5, 2013

Stream Jim O’Rourke’s Droning, Little-Heard ‘Steamroom 1′ Album

Experimental music sage Jim O'Rourke just unearthed a wealth of rare material, uploading eight (!!) full albums onto his brand new Bandcamp page. As Tiny…
Kyle McGovern / September 5, 2013

Stream the Lawsuits’ Misty, Noirish ‘Long Drive Home’

The Lawsuits stitch together an array of styles and genres on their latest album, the upcoming Cool Cool Cool. To wit, first single "Dreaming #26"
Kyle McGovern / September 5, 2013

Passion Pit Rebound From Gear-Destroying Storm With Joyous ‘Live on Letterman’ Set

This past weekend, a massive storm hit Chicago and destroyed most of Passion Pit's equipment. "Our gear was completely annihilated by the weather," the band wrote…
Kyle McGovern / September 5, 2013

Watch TV on the Radio’s Meteoric, Mixed-Medium ‘Mercy’ Video

TV on the Radio continue to offer their own instructive take on what Jay Z dubbed "the new rules." At a time when album sales…
Marc Hogan / September 5, 2013

Hear the Flatliners’ Furious Eulogy ‘Caskets Full’

The Flatliners have been teasing their re-emergence for a few weeks now. Last month, the Canadian punks dropped a pair of teaser clips for their…
Kyle McGovern / September 5, 2013

Trent Reznor Channels Timbaland (and Nelly Furtado) on Nine Inch Nails’ ‘Satellite’

C4 ft. Rome Fortune, "Don't Wanna Be a Star"Along with Childish Major, Atlanta producer C4 is pushing "New ATL" sounds past their breaking point, with splintered,…
Brandon Soderberg / September 5, 2013

M.I.A.’s Wild ‘Come Walk With Me’ Lyric Video Raises the Whole Silly Medium

The lyric video isn't exactly an ideal art form. The clips have become a common promotional tactic in recent years, but that's gone hand to…
Marc Hogan / September 5, 2013

Watch Heliotropes’ Wistful ‘Everyone Else’ Video

Heliotropes explore the disconnect between body and mind in their latest music video, a three-minute clip for the psych-rock unit's dusky torch song "Everyone Else."
Kyle McGovern / September 5, 2013

See Sylvan Esso Holler ‘Hey Mami’ From the Moog Sound Lab Studio

North Carolina duo Sylvan Esso combines the distinct talents of Mountain Man singer Amelia Meath and Megafaun's bass-wielding producer Nick Sanborn. The latter's warm but deeply…
Chris Martins / September 5, 2013

Killer Mike Gets Grilled by Prince Paul on ‘All Purpose Show’

Prince Paul has long been a man of many hats, and though he always saved the fanciest ones for his Handsome Boy Modeling School guise…
Chris Martins / September 5, 2013

Watch Big Boi and Killer Mike Dance (a Lot) in ‘Thom Pettie’ Tour Video

Big Boi's Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors is jam-packed with thrilling collaborations, but one of the most electric finds the OutKast founder teamed up with Dungeon Family…
Chris Martins / September 4, 2013

Ryan Hemsworth Drops Dreamy ‘Against a Wall’ Ahead of Debut Album

The year 2013 has been a big one for Ryan Hemsworth. He has released a number of excellent mixes, experimental remixes (Lana Del Rey as…
Jordan Sargent / September 4, 2013
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