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So the Weeknd’s ‘Pretty’ Video Obviously Contains Tasteless Sex, Violence, and Nudity

The Weeknd is singing sweetly about how beautiful you are. Anyone familiar with the work of Abel Tesfaye, whose arty R&B exists in a chilling…
Marc Hogan / September 20, 2013

Free ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Mixtape Crams In Tyga, Action Bronson, Kool G Rap, More

Rockstar Games made a fortune this week with the release of Grand Theft Auto V, raking in a total of $800 million in first-day sales.
Kyle McGovern / September 20, 2013

Lady Gaga’s ‘Applause’ Gets a True Art-Pop Makeover From Purity Ring

Lady Gaga and Purity Ring may not seem like the most obvious team-up, but that's what makes it all the more interesting. Each entity certainly…
Chris Martins / September 20, 2013

Mazzy Star’s ‘California’ Video Takes Its Hazy Time, Just as It Should

Mazzy Star's gift for public understatement has remained as consistent as their sneaky smolder. (Just check out SPIN's recent profile, Mazzy Star's Slow-Burn Return.) Appropriately,…
Marc Hogan / September 20, 2013

Hear Heaven’s Gate’s Brawny Shoegaze Assault, ‘Transmuting’

Heaven's Gate formed in the wake of the now-defunct New Jersey band Sweet Bulbs, when guitarists Michael Sheffield and Jack Wolf drafted vocalist Jess Paps,…
Kyle McGovern / September 20, 2013

Justin Timberlake’s ‘TKO’ Rope-a-Dopes Boxing Cliches for Seven Punch-Drunk Minutes

Justin Timberlake doesn't just release a song at the drop of a hat. First he made multiple Instagram posts about his new single to offer…
Marc Hogan / September 20, 2013

Stream INVSN’s Fierce Post-Punk Debut, From Refused’s Dennis Lyxzen

Post-hardcore buffs beware: Refused's firecracker of a frontman Dennis Lyxzén has returned. Though the sneering/spitting/shouting spirit certainly informs the work of his new-ish band INVSN,…
Chris Martins / September 20, 2013

Wild Ones Douse Dream-Pop in Synth Beauty on ‘From Nothing’

Things weren't always so wild for the Wild Ones. On the way to completing their debut album, Keep It Safe, the Portland sextet's guitarist suffered…
Chris Martins / September 20, 2013

Stream Zachary Cale’s Minimalist Folk Album ‘Blue Rider’

Zachary Cale urged us to "Hold Fast" back in July, as he offered the first single from his latest album, the fast-approaching Blue Rider. Now,…
Kyle McGovern / September 20, 2013

Drake Airs Out ‘Courtney From Hooters’ and Why He Shouldn’t Have Done That

Drake's Nothing Was the Same is an album full of feels-too-real asides and coy references to his mother's illness, his father's drinking problems, Nicki Minaj not…
Brandon Soderberg / September 20, 2013

Motor City Drum Ensemble Reinvents Darkstar’s ‘A Day’s Pay for a Day’s Work’

London's premier (and perhaps only) post-dubstep pysch-pop trio Darkstar released an enthralling album-length slab of just that back in February — News From Nowhere. We…
Chris Martins / September 19, 2013

Chief Keef Affirms ‘Love No Thotties’ Stance in ‘Bang Pt. 2′ Video

Another day, another Chief Keef video full of mumble-sung sorta-rhymes, shaking dreads, camo pants, shiny things, Chicago shots, and lots of cars that aren't Ferraris…
Chris Martins / September 19, 2013

Watch the Stepkids’ Amazingly Cornball ‘Moving Pictures’ Video

In a recent interview with SPIN, the Stepkids had some difficulty explaining the inspiration behind "Moving Pictures," a goofball-funk number featured on the trio's new…
Kyle McGovern / September 19, 2013

Justin Timberlake Shares ‘TKO’ Snippet on Instagram

Justin Timberlake has shared a snippet of what looks to be "TKO," the next single from his forthcoming second 2013 album, The 20/20 Experience: Part 2…
Chris Martins / September 19, 2013

St. Lucia Fight Gentrification With Epic Rooftop Party in ‘Elevate’ Video

Brooklyn-based synth wizards St. Lucia are currently in the process of being evicted from their studio and practice space, so the warehouse they operate out…
Kyle McGovern / September 19, 2013
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