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Watch Obama Brush Jay-Z Off His Shoulder at White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Saturday night the Washington, D.C., establishment held its annual fete to itself, the White House Correspondents' Dinner, and once again President Barack Obama managed to…
Marc Hogan / April 29, 2013

Hear Atoms for Peace’s Clattering ‘Magic Beanz’

Atoms for Peace bros Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich DJed French radio show Nova Club Saturday night (April 27), and debuted new track "Magic Beanz"
Nicole Sia / April 28, 2013

Survival Burn All of Their Instruments in ‘Tragedy of the Mind’ Video

Hunter Hunt-Hendrix has made his name screeching and shredding in black metal outfit Liturgy, but he's got a softer side, too, evidenced by his a…
Chris Martins / April 27, 2013

Watch Yellowbirds’ Hand-Cut Animated ‘Young Men of Promise’ Video

On May 28, former Apollo Sunshine singer Sam Cohen will release the second album from his Yellowbirds, a band which parlays the man's knack for…
Chris Martins / April 27, 2013

Watch Hologram Feist Play ‘How Come You Never Go There’ in Three Cities at Once

Goodbye Holo-Pac, hello Holo-Feist. Broken Social Scene matriarch, occasional black metal dabbler, and oak-sturdy solo artist Leslie Feist played in three Canadian cities at the…
Chris Martins / April 27, 2013

Hear Twin Peaks’ Weed-Fueled Shredder ‘Stand in the Sand’

It's pretty difficult to draw any direct lines between David Lynch's cult-adored television series Twin Peaks and the band of Chicagoans who go by the…
Chris Martins / April 26, 2013

Watch Atoms for Peace Go ‘Amok’ in Da Club

The Atoms for Peace camp are still milking Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich's stripped-down March 14 set at New York's Le Poisson Rouge, but we…
Chris Martins / April 26, 2013

Watch Soundgarden Unplug for Heartfelt ‘Fell on Black Days’

Soundgarden's Chris Cornell and Ben Shepherd recently played an intimate, stripped-down set for an Arizona radio station, and now the frontman and bassist have done…
Kyle McGovern / April 26, 2013

Crystal Castles Tease Depeche Mode Tour With VHS-y ‘Affection’ Video

Crystal Castles' new video, a document of their South American tour, arrives as the Canadian duo extend their North American jaunt with Depeche Mode. "Affection," from…
Marc Hogan / April 26, 2013

See Pregnant Dutch Reggae Band Crush Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’ Live

If you haven't put your own spin on Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" then you clearly don't have a band or consider yourself a DJ. It's…
Chris Martins / April 26, 2013

Why Andrew Stockdale Had to Leave Wolfmother Behind

Fans shouldn't have been surprised when Wolfmother main brain Andrew Stockdale announced earlier this year that he was dropping the band's moniker: As the Australian…
Kyle McGovern / April 26, 2013

Hear Kim Ann Foxman’s Acid Remix of Rex the Dog’s ‘Do You Feel What I Feel’

There's no getting around the fact that Rex the Dog's new single, "Do You Feel What I Feel," sounds a whole lot like Bronski Beat…
Philip Sherburne / April 26, 2013

Watch Fun-Loving Metal Hooligans Kvelertak Destroy Europe in Their ‘Kvelertak’ Video

Norwegian iconoclasts Kvelertak are fresh off being named the first heavy-metal SPIN Essential of 2013, writer Kory Grow calling them "free-wheeling," "rollicking," "fun" and other…
SPIN Staff / April 26, 2013

Hear Spectrals’ Power-Pop Triumph ‘A Heartbeat Behind’

When the Spectrals began, the project was simply Louis Jones, an English fella with a knack for wry lyrics and stripped-down power-pop. But Spectrals have…
Chris Martins / April 26, 2013

Watch PSY’s Stadium-Shaking ‘Gentleman’ Live Debut

PSY performed his chart-climbing "Gangnam Style" follow-up "Gentleman" live for the first time on April 13 during his arena-sized Happening concert live-stream. Now, fans who either…
Kyle McGovern / April 26, 2013

Hear 59 Songs About Patton Oswalt, All Written by One Dude

Look, Patton Oswalt's a busy dude. Of late, he's been defending the good name of humanity against real-life scumbags in between acting stints on FX's Justified, NBC's Parks &…
Chris Martins / April 26, 2013

Watch the Pastels Preview First Album in 16 Years With ‘Check My Heart’ Video

It's been 16 years since the Pastels have released an album, but the Glaswegian indie-poppers will doff their caps back into the ring on May 28…
Chris Martins / April 25, 2013

Hear TEEN’s Gossamer Dream-Pop Single ‘Paradise’

"Paradise" is the brand new single from the Brooklyn dream-pop quartet TEEN, and it finds them expanding their hazy sprawl to just a hair over…
Jordan Sargent / April 25, 2013

Hear Atoms for Peace Pensively Rework Four Tet’s ‘Pyramid’

Left-field dance busybody Four Tet is known for churning out high-quality remixes — he recently did some excellent damage to Justin Timberlake's "Suit & Tie,"
Chris Martins / April 25, 2013

Watch Colin Stetson’s Eerie ‘Among the Sef’ Video

SPIN noted recently that Bon Iver bandmember and solo saxophonist Colin Stetson tends to repeat the following story while performing live: "There's this whale that…
Kyle McGovern / April 25, 2013
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