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Lou Barlow Goes Through the (Tour) Motions in ‘Repeat’ Video

As nearly all musicians will tell you, tour life is mostly long stretches of boredom punctuated by short spurts of adrenaline-gushing activity. In the video…
Harley Brown / September 4, 2015

Boulevards Wants the Golden Days of Funk on “Sanity”

Boulevards, a.k.a. Jamil Rashad, remembers a time when groovy bass lines, twinkling guitar riffs, and lycra bell bottoms (not, say, EDM bangers) were the signifiers of American and European club…
Andrew Stone / September 4, 2015

The Wonder Years Resurrect an Interrupted Life on ‘Thanks For the Ride’

Philadelphia emo revivalists The Wonder Years have never shied away from performing lyrical open-heart surgery. Their forthcoming studio album, No Closer to Heaven, is every bit as…
Rachel Brodsky / September 3, 2015

SPIN Singles Mix: Justin Bieber, Escort, George Clanton, and More

Welcome to SPIN’s Singles Mix! SPIN staffers have rounded up their favorite, must-hear tracks for your personal playlists. Collecting the finest from New York disco divas,…
SPIN Staff / September 1, 2015

Synkro Floats Through Oceanic Ambience on ‘Shoreline’

Manchester-based producer Synkro, a.k.a. Joe McBride, first made a name for himself with Burial-esque beats and tracks shaped by the U.K.'s formative mid-'00s dubstep era.
Harley Brown / September 1, 2015

Darkstar Explore Workplace Ennui on the Gorgeously Melancholy ‘Through the Motions’

As one of the U.K.'s most subtly lush and textured electronic duos, Darkstar has over the years been steadily expanding the boundaries of their beat-…
Harley Brown / September 1, 2015

Findlay Brown Basks in ‘Slow Light’ on Kaleidoscopic Solo LP

Brooklyn-via-Yorkshire songwriter Findlay Brown has released two albums worth of lilting compositions that call to mind the greyscale pastorals of Nick Drake, Burt Jansch and…
Colin Joyce / August 31, 2015

Salad Boys Embrace Their Jangle-y Heritage on ‘No Taste Bomber’

As residents of Christchurch, New Zealand, wonderfully lollygagging indie rock is practically in Salad Boys' blood. Though the locus of jangle seems to have moved…
Colin Joyce / August 28, 2015

Shunkan Stir Up an Indie-Pop Maelstrom on ‘The Pink Noise’

Los Angeles-born and New Zealand-based songwriter Marina Sakimoto has released a few melancholic singles and homerecordings under the moniker Shunkan, but for her debut LP…
Colin Joyce / August 28, 2015

Laura Stevenson Announces ‘Cocksure’ LP With Stormy ‘Torch Song’

Two years after the release of her wrenching solo album Wheel, Laura Stevenson makes her return today with news of an LP called Cocksure due…
Colin Joyce / August 27, 2015

Commercial Break Is Over: ‘Change the Channel’ to Francesco Yates’ Pharrell-Produced Single

Francesco Yates does not hold back on his seductively funky single "Change The Channel." Scattered with piercing Prince squeals, Yates reaches rockstar status with wildly…
Margaret Farrell / August 27, 2015

Broken Social Scene’s Lisa Lobsinger Launches Laser With ‘Leaving It Too Late’ Single

Fans of Canadian indie-rock greats Broken Social Scene will want to hear Laser vocalist Lisa Lobsinger, who lent her vocals to the band's 2010 Forgiveness Rock Record…
Rachel Brodsky / August 27, 2015

Rival Consoles Scuttles and Murmurs Magnificently on ‘Howl’

Avant-garde London label Erased Tapes' is perhaps best-known for artists such as Dawn of Midi — three jazzists who vibe together in the pitch black —…
Harley Brown / August 26, 2015

SPIN Singles Mix: Sexwitch, Pony Time, Nikki Hill, and More

Welcome to SPIN’s Singles Mix! SPIN staffers have rounded up their favorite, must-hear tracks for your personal playlists. Collecting the finest from British psych supergroups,…
SPIN Staff / August 25, 2015

Small Black Build a Bouncy Synth Castle on ‘No One Wants It To Happen to You’

Sunny-eyed Brooklyn synth-pop act Small Black are back with a new album, Best Blues (out October 16 via Jagjaguwar). We've already heard "Boys Life," a cleanly bopping jaunt…
Harley Brown / August 25, 2015

Mind Over Mirrors Starts to Make ‘Strange(r) Work’ With Help From a Friend

Mind Over Mirrors has long been the moniker of Chicago-based ambient composer Jaime Fennelly, but of late the project's grown a bit. For The Voice…
Colin Joyce / August 24, 2015

Cold Showers Conjure Frigid Thunderclouds on ‘Matter of Choice’ LP

California quartet Cold Showers have made their name over the last few years by casting a shade over the already gloomy world of post-punk, and…
Colin Joyce / August 24, 2015

Shakka and JME ‘Pull a Banger Out the Bag’ on ‘Say Nada’

London-based singer songwriter Shakka has lingered around the city's urban scene for a while, but he's making a leap to mainstream with his upcoming EP The…
James Grebey / August 21, 2015

Joyce Manor Rip Open ‘Christmas Card’ for New Live Session

The California punks in Joyce Manor released Never Hungover Again (one of SPIN's 50 Best Albums of 2014) last summer, but they're still touring hard…
Colin Joyce / August 21, 2015

Here Is Lana Del Rey’s Dreamy Alternate ‘Honeymoon’ Cover Art

Update: On September 12, Lana Del Rey's Honeymoon will be played in full at all Urban Outfitters stores in the U.S. beginning at 3 p.m.
Rachel Brodsky / August 21, 2015
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