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Motor City Drum Ensemble Reinvents Darkstar’s ‘A Day’s Pay for a Day’s Work’

London's premier (and perhaps only) post-dubstep pysch-pop trio Darkstar released an enthralling album-length slab of just that back in February — News From Nowhere. We…
Chris Martins / September 19, 2013

Chief Keef Affirms ‘Love No Thotties’ Stance in ‘Bang Pt. 2′ Video

Another day, another Chief Keef video full of mumble-sung sorta-rhymes, shaking dreads, camo pants, shiny things, Chicago shots, and lots of cars that aren't Ferraris…
Chris Martins / September 19, 2013

Watch the Stepkids’ Amazingly Cornball ‘Moving Pictures’ Video

In a recent interview with SPIN, the Stepkids had some difficulty explaining the inspiration behind "Moving Pictures," a goofball-funk number featured on the trio's new…
Kyle McGovern / September 19, 2013

Justin Timberlake Shares ‘TKO’ Snippet on Instagram

Justin Timberlake has shared a snippet of what looks to be "TKO," the next single from his forthcoming second 2013 album, The 20/20 Experience: Part 2…
Chris Martins / September 19, 2013

St. Lucia Fight Gentrification With Epic Rooftop Party in ‘Elevate’ Video

Brooklyn-based synth wizards St. Lucia are currently in the process of being evicted from their studio and practice space, so the warehouse they operate out…
Kyle McGovern / September 19, 2013

Waka Flocka Flame Samples Adele for Critic-Bashing ‘Judge For You’

Waka Flocka Flame's next retail album Flockaveli 2 is slated to drop in early 2014, but before that we'll get a new mixtape: From Roaches to Rolex. The first…
Jordan Sargent / September 19, 2013

Oneohtrix Point Never Deconstructs Nine Inch Nails’ ‘Find My Way’

Oneohtrix Point Never disintegrates Trent Reznor in a striking remix of shadowy Hesitation Marks stunner "Find My Way." Nine Inch Nails' triumphant comeback album is…
Kyle McGovern / September 19, 2013

Watch Danny Brown’s Delirious Molly Tribute ‘Dip’

Danny Brown's entire career has been a place where different eras (J Dilla's heyday, Diplo's revolution) and styles (drug-fueled electro porn fantasies, scrap-or-die street-rap) crash…
Jordan Sargent / September 19, 2013

Dirty Projectors’ Olga Bell Plays Dress-Up in Nothankyou’s ‘Oyster’ Video

Dirty Projectors singer and keyboardist Olga Bell records on her own time under the moniker of Nothankyou, a collaborative project with U.K. dance-pop purveyor Tom…
Kyle McGovern / September 19, 2013

Here We Go Magic’s Luke Temple Fires Up Synth-Soul ‘Florida’

Here We Go Magic's Luke Temple promised to follow a funkier path than usual with his upcoming solo album, Good Mood Fool. "There's people in…
Kyle McGovern / September 19, 2013

Rhye’s Milosh Previews ‘Jetlag’ Album With Smeared Piano Poems

Rhye's wispy R&B album Woman has spawned new records from two divergent projects. The first was Avalanche by Quadron, who, to be fair, have been around for a…
Jordan Sargent / September 19, 2013

Disturbia: Jared Leto Desecrates Rihanna’s ‘Stay’ While Ri Stumps for Bud

So this happened: Jared Leto with 30 Seconds to Mars and about 30 inches (okay, give or take) of Jesus locks — plus aviators and…
Chris Martins / September 19, 2013

STRFKR’s ‘Golden Light (Skeletron Mix)’ Is an Italo-Disco Treatise on Nothingness

Portland's STRFKR (or "Starfucker," if you prefer) are right at home amidst the various strains of disco resurrecting via massive pop-culture moments like Drive and Daft…
Chris Martins / September 19, 2013

Stream Black Orange Juice’s House-Dwelling ‘3 Started Alone’ EP

Black Orange Juice recently spilled a portion of their upcoming 3 Started Alone EP with "Started in Paris," a disco-decorated house track that comes adorned with R&B voice-work.
Kyle McGovern / September 19, 2013

Hear a Track from the Melvins’ ‘Tres Cabrones’ an LP-Length Reunion of Some 1983-Era Buddies

The ever-restless Melvins are returning for their, oh, lets say 22nd studio album, Tres Cabrones. The quirky, rubbery, album finds King Buzzo reuniting with original Melvins…
SPIN Staff / September 19, 2013
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