Bob Dylan, Jeff Tweedy, Jim James Jam on ‘Twelve Gates to the City’

Took 'em long enough. Halfway through their AmericanaramA tour, Bob Dylan, Wilco's Jeff Tweedy, My Morning Jacket's Jim James finally took the stage together to…
Dan Reilly / July 17, 2013

Coliseum’s Complex Crime Caper Makes for Riveting ‘Doing Time’ Video

Coliseum got arrested in the video for "Bad Will" and now we can see the hardcore crushers "Doing Time" in their latest clip. Directed by Erik…
Kyle McGovern / July 17, 2013

Watch Braids’ Shimmering ‘In Kind’ Video and Set Your ‘Conscience’ Free

Braids hail from the same Montreal DIY scene that's gifted us Grimes, Majical Cloudz and Mac DeMarco, and the influence can be heard in the group's…
Chris Martins / July 17, 2013

Kings of Leon Debut Summery New Single ‘Supersoaker’

Kings of Leon are gearing up to release their sixth album, Mechanical Bull, and the title of the first single seems to make good on…
SPIN Staff / July 17, 2013

Summer Camp Return With ‘Fresh’ Disco-Kissed Album

On September 9, London indie-pop players Summer Camp will release their first album since 2011's "terrifically tart debut" Welcome to Condale. The self-titled platter will arrive…
Chris Martins / July 17, 2013

Johnny Marr Is the Last Brit Standing in ‘New Town Velocity’ Video

Johnny Marr stalked a bleak countryside in the video for "The Messenger" last year, and now the ex-Smiths guitarist has released a city-dwelling pseudo-sequel. The official clip…
Kyle McGovern / July 17, 2013

CocoRosie’s ‘Child Bride’ Video Is a Harrowing Portrait of Abuse

CocoRosie's latest video is both beautifully shot and deeply disturbing. Director Emma Freeman goes for a very literal take on the song's title, "Child Bride,"
Chris Martins / July 17, 2013

Half a Molly: Dan Deacon Chops Up Miley Cyrus’ ‘We Can’t Stop’

Miley Cyrus' "We Can't Stop" has turned out to be divisive. Blame it on the hilarious-slash-wonderful Jay-Z mention, the eyeball-trolling video, and the equally troll-y…
Marc Hogan / July 17, 2013

Pearl Jam Play Frantic ‘Mind Your Manners’ for the First Time

Pearl Jam previewed their fall North American arena tour with a gig in London, Ontario last night (July 16). The Seattle icons treated fans to roughly…
Kyle McGovern / July 17, 2013

Soundgarden’s Ben Shepherd Turns Folkie on Haunting ‘Collide’

Recently, Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell and bassist Ben Shepherd have been unplugging their instruments for stripped-down versions of the grunge giants' best-known songs. We've spotted…
Kyle McGovern / July 17, 2013

Roach Gigz and Iamsu! Spit Hot Fire on ‘It’s Lit’

Bay Area rapper Roach Gigz acts as a kind of bridge between the rubbery rap of the the hyphy movement, and the more moody, minimalism…
Brandon Soderberg / July 17, 2013

Back to the Grill Again: Trayvon Martin in the Court of Public Opinion

Within days of Trayvon Martin's killing at the hands of neighborhood-watch volunteer George Zimmerman, the 17-year-old's story became, in part, a story about how he…
Brandon Soderberg / July 17, 2013

Bruce Springsteen Pays Rousing Tribute to Trayvon Martin in Concert

Bruce Springsteen honored Trayvon Martin with an emotional performance Tuesday night in Limerick, Ireland. As the Star-Ledger was first to report, the show was the New…
Marc Hogan / July 17, 2013

Stream Coke Weed’s Roaming Psych-Rock Odyssey ‘Back to Soft’

Last month, SPIN premiered Coke Weed's "Anklet," a "languidly gnarled psych-rock" tune reminiscent of Pure X, Real Estate, and Galaxie 500. That fuzzy slow-burner hails…
Kyle McGovern / July 17, 2013

Grooms Offer Slackerly Swoon With ‘I Think We’re Alone Now’

Grooms founder Travis Johnson suffers from a very specific form of OCD called scrupulosity, in which guilt and anxiety foment as a result of concern…
Chris Martins / July 17, 2013

TRAAMS Hide Thorny Hooks in Post-Punk Bouquet ‘Flowers’

Bursting out of the gate on the back of rattling bass and motorik drums, TRAAMS' "Flowers" initially feels like a transmission from another era. But for…
Chris Martins / July 17, 2013

Hear Delta Mirror’s Brooding ‘Goldfish’

Delta Mirror, the one-man band composed of digi-goth Chris Acosta, will resurface on August 6 with Better Unsung, a 12-track album due via Lightwave Records.
Kyle McGovern / July 17, 2013

Pussy Riot Throw Muck at the Russian Oil Industry in ‘Like a Red Prison’ Video

Pussy Riot, or some faction thereof, have released a brand new song and music video, "Like a Red Prison." According to various translations of the…
Chris Martins / July 16, 2013

Beyonce Fiercely Orders Fan to Put His ‘Damn Camera Down’ and Sing

Good old Sasha Fierce was in full effect in Atlanta over the weekend. While performing her 2006 B'Day single "Irreplaceable," Beyoncé strode out amongst her admirers…
Chris Martins / July 16, 2013

Vampire Weekend Giggle Discussing Porn, Murder, and Dating With Teens

The ever-awesome teen blog Rookie has wrangled Vampire Weekend for the latest installment of their "Ask a Grown Man" and the results are, as always,…
Chris Martins / July 16, 2013
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