50 Albums You Gotta Hear in 2014

Hey, 2013: Don't let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya! And no, we're not quoting a member of the Cyrus family.
SPIN Staff / January 7, 2014

5 Best New Artists for January ’14

From an Ohio-bred country punk to a Houston-based purveyor of prismatic bedroom funk to the first band worthy of the descriptor "post-Yuck," these are five…
SPIN Staff / January 2, 2014

The Best Beefs of 2013

We've given you the 2013 Hall of Shame, the 25 Most Memorable Quotes of 2013, the Year in Miley Cyrus, and an illustrated guide to…
Chris Martins / December 31, 2013

SPIN’s Best Music Videos of 2013

Music videos never really went away — they just became things that people have to seek out, instead of programming that's beamed into our living…
Maura Johnston / December 23, 2013

SPIN’s 50 Best Dance Tracks of 2013

Work it? Thanks, Britney, we've got that covered. From beach bars to bank heads (whatever they are), our favorite club tracks of the year had…
SPIN Staff / December 23, 2013

Indie Rock Christmas: 20 New Holiday Songs for 2013

Was 2013 the year Santa went #seapunk? Only one way to find out: dive deep into SPIN's handpicked batch of 2013 holiday songs, running the…
Chris Martins / December 20, 2013

Rock, They Wrote: The 18 Best Music Books of 2013

We here at SPIN know from music books — many of us spend a more-than-healthy number of waking hours studying neither stock tips nor the…
SPIN Staff / December 19, 2013

SPIN’s 20 Best Country Albums of 2013

Pretty great year! More jackasses than old farts here, it's true, but the all-female Top 5 makes up for it, if that's something you're into.
Rob Harvilla / December 19, 2013

SPIN’s 2013 Hall of Shame

They wouldn't shut the hell up on Tumblr. They put out an album with absolutely reprehensible cover art. They twerked and twerked and twerked and…
SPIN Staff / December 17, 2013

SPIN’s 20 Best R&B Albums of 2013

From thoroughly modern radio queens to throwback belters, from digital gloss to flesh-and-blood grit, from mild-mannered Canadians to not-at-all-mild-mannered Canadians, it was a hell of…
SPIN Staff / December 17, 2013

The Year in NSFW

The Internet without NSFW is an increasingly impossible concept. Unfettered access to all manner of info guarantees about 20 percent of what's out there —…
Chris Martins / December 17, 2013

A Complete Guide to Understanding the 44 Names in Beyonce’s ‘Beyonce’ Credits

Though Ms. Knowles' tour de force Beyoncé is clearly a solo statement of purpose, the H-Town-born dynamo also benefitted from the assistance of a multi-talented…
Jordan Sargent / December 16, 2013

The Year in Drake

Drake may claim to have "Started From the Bottom," but the Toronto rapper reached new heights in 2013. Over the last 12 months, the millennial…
SPIN Staff / December 16, 2013

SPIN’s 20 Best Avant Albums of 2013

The year in desolate noise, fuzzy ambient, out jazz, synth tapes, fiery cello improv, bleaktronics, noise-pop, euphoric sax, Hasidic doom metal, and more — a.k.a.,…
Christopher R. Weingarten / December 16, 2013

SPIN’s 20 Best Reissues of 2013

The year in discovering (or rediscovering) manic Syrian synth-dance, New Zealand cassette grit, awesome 78s from Asia, Romanian future-pop, Mexican proto-punk, and some session guitarist…
SPIN Staff / December 13, 2013

The Year in Miley Cyrus

Though it certainly felt like this was Miley Cyrus' year, when you plot it out on a calendar, all the truly zany stuff happened in…
SPIN Staff / December 12, 2013

SPIN’s 50 Best Rap Songs of 2013

Whether you were, like Kanye West, contemplating how good and screwed the country was in the confines of your impeccably furnished abode, or sitting in…
Brandon Soderberg / December 12, 2013

The 25 Most Memorable Quotes of 2013

While it's tempting to devote a good third of this list to the various things we heard the fox say, in 2013, plenty of humans…
Chris Martins / December 11, 2013

In Memoriam: The Musicians We Lost in 2013

Over the last 12 months, we said goodbye to the leader of the Velvet Underground, the man behind Magnolia Electric Co., a key Ohio Player,…
Kyle McGovern / December 11, 2013

Seeing Yeezus: Kanye West’s 15 Wildest Self-Comparisons, Illustrated

For children who came into consciousness in the second half of 2013, being told there was a time when Kanye West didn't give interviews is…
Chris Martins / December 10, 2013
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