29 Celebrity Couples from 1994 Who Will Make You Feel High-School-y Feelings Again

In 1994, "It Girl" Winona Ryder had moved on from past paramour Johnny Depp to Soul Asylum hairball Dave Pirner, and in many ways, that…
By: SPIN Staff / September 3, 2014

13 People You Met This Summer You Will Never See Again

That corny Canadian rasta-brah of Magic! who would just not go away? Oh, he will. And so will these other 12 pop-cultural cartoons you thought…
By: SPIN Staff / August 27, 2014

5 Best New Artists for September ’14

From an anonymous PC enthusiast to a Drake-signed MC to a unique member of Newark's growing club movement, these are five artists to know right…
By: SPIN Staff / August 27, 2014

The Best (and Worst) Moments from the 2014 MTV VMAs

The MTV VMAs came and they ... conquered? Well, Beyoncé did at least, but was that enough to extend the relevance of the "video music…
By: SPIN Staff / August 25, 2014

The 100 Best Alternative Rock Songs of 1994

In 1994, the distinction between "mainstream" and "alternative" evaporated. Green Day and the Offspring brought hook-heavy punk to the Billboard charts, middle-of-the-road acts such a…
By: Kyle McGovern / August 18, 2014

All 333 Phish Songs, Ranked

By nearly any criteria except, perhaps, record sales and radio play, Phish is the Grand Canyon of American bands—so big and bold and forever that…
By: Richard Gehr / August 8, 2014

5 Best New Artists For August ’14

From "post-industrial" techno to soulful New Orleans rock-and-roll to an experimental R&B enthusiast, here are five artists you need to know now.
By: SPIN Staff / August 1, 2014

Every Weird Al Video, Ranked

"Weird Al" Yankovic is a national treasure. It's as simple as that. Going on four decades now, he's the strange uncle who shows up every…
By: SPIN Staff / July 15, 2014

21 Ways to Avoid Becoming a Celebrity

"I'm getting a bit famous now," Sia Furler told Australian magazine The Age back in 2011. "And I'm very anxious." Things would get worse for…
By: Andrew Unterberger / July 9, 2014

The 57 Best Songs of 2014 (So Far)

UPDATE: This is SPIN's mid-year report on 2014. For SPIN's end-of-the-year list, check out The 101 Best Songs of 2014. We're halfway through 2014 and…
By: SPIN Staff / July 2, 2014
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