Seeing Yeezus: Kanye West’s 15 Wildest Self-Comparisons, Illustrated

For children who came into consciousness in the second half of 2013, being told there was a time when Kanye West didn't give interviews is…
Chris Martins / December 10, 2013

SPIN’s 20 Best Pop Albums of 2013

From Gaga to "You (Ha Ha Ha)," the year in the the stuff with hooks.
SPIN Staff / December 10, 2013

SPIN’s 20 Best Dance Albums of 2013

From robots to Talabots, here's 20 stellar reasons not to do the "Harlem Shake."
SPIN Staff / December 9, 2013

SPIN’s 20 Best Metal Albums of 2013

They came in like a wrecking ball: a pair of violinists, some Norwegian garage grinners, a gaggle of sixtysomethings, a roving Deftone, and something called…
SPIN Staff / December 6, 2013

SPIN’s 40 Best Hip-Hop Albums of 2013

Acid rappers, banana clippers, black unicorns, born sinners, step brothers, beautiful pimps, money magnets: We put numbers on the horde.
SPIN Staff / December 5, 2013

SPIN’s 50 Best Songs of 2013

Depending on whether you're a teen girl or a soccer mom, a teen mom or a soccer girl, a subscriber to Spotify or Sirius, a…
SPIN Staff / December 3, 2013

Record Store Day’s Priciest ‘Back to Black Friday’ eBay Flips

Record Store Day's Back to Black Friday event undoubtedly did its part to invigorate vinyl sales at independent record shops around the United States on…
Chris Martins / December 2, 2013

5 Best New Artists for December ’13

From a Boston art-punk foursome to a psychedelic R&B crooner to a Swedish-born, London-based soul outlier schooled in the tradition of singers such as Erykah…
SPIN Staff / December 2, 2013

SPIN’s 50 Best Albums of 2013

Here's what happens when Tomorrow's Harvest becomes yesterday's news. To complement our Top 50 Songs of 2013, it's time to count down the year's best…
SPIN Staff / December 2, 2013

Kanye West’s ‘Yeezus’ Is 2013’s Album of the Year

Kanye West's Yeezus is the most important album of all time inspired by a lamp.Struck by one of Le Corbusier's sleek, minimal fixtures, West responded…
Christopher R. Weingarten / December 2, 2013

SPIN’s Best Box Sets and Expanded Editions of 2013

As William Faulkner once wrote after receiving a three-CD 20th-anniversary edition of In Utero as a Christmas gift, "The past isn't dead. It isn't even…
SPIN Staff / November 29, 2013

SPIN’s Holiday Gift Guide 2013

Just in time for Black Friday, here's our guide to the best music-centric stuff out there this holiday season — books delving into everything from…
Adam K. Raymond / November 29, 2013

Keep on Deepin’ On: The 40 Best Deep House Tracks of All Time

Way back in the mid-1980s, when the disco gods appeared over the Chicago skyline and proclaimed, "Let there be house," his acolytes responded, "And let…
SPIN Staff / November 25, 2013

‘Til Infinity: The 50 Best Rap Albums From 1993, Hip-Hop’s Other Greatest Year

Though most music critics on the "knows how to do the Ed Lover Dance" side of the Gen-X/Millenial divide concede that the wild (wild) west…
SPIN Staff / November 21, 2013

Vanishing San Francisco: Scenes From Thee Oh Sees Frontman John Dwyer’s ‘Vinegar Mirror’

Thee Oh Sees bandleader John Dwyer tours six months out of the year and has released 12 albums of serrated, psychedelic rock'n'roll since 2006 alone.
Sam Lefebvre / November 13, 2013

Art vs. Pop: A Seven-Decade Timeline of Music Crashing the Gallery (and Vice Versa)

From Warhol to Mapplethorpe, Basquiat to Murakami, Kim Gordon to Keith Haring, Bowie to GNR, here's an epic tribute to pop's artiest — and art's…
SPIN Staff / November 12, 2013

5 Best New Artists for November ’13

From an Australian singer-songwriter with rapier-like wit to a wildly inspiring Miami rapper to a New Jersey-born DJ/producer with a thing for cowboy hats, here…
SPIN Staff / November 1, 2013

Classic Films Get an Image Overhaul With ‘Alternative Movie Posters’ Book

"Alternative Movie Posters" is the kind of labor of love that seems, on the face of it, a questionable venture — until you see them.
SPIN Staff / October 31, 2013

Radiohead Rorschach: Fifth Graders Interpret ‘Hail to the Thief’

So, in September of 2003, a few months after Radiohead's Hail to the Thief was released, I played a bunch of songs from the album…
Rob Harvilla / October 30, 2013

Lou Reed, R.I.P.: Hear His Legacy in 15 Tracks

Lou Reed, whether in the Velvet Underground or solo, inspired entire genres – glam, art rock, punk, industrial, grunge, shoegaze, goth, indie rock – so…
Charles Aaron / October 29, 2013
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