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Here’s Every Time Vine Made Us Love a Song

The death of the Vine is the death of an art form. The six seconds allotted wasn't a limiter, but a well of endless possibilities.
Brian Josephs / October 28, 2016

Q&A: Miniature Tigers Bask in the Sun on I Dreamt I Was a Cowboy

Like its titular Western hero, Miniature Tigers’ I Dreamt I Was a Cowboy is unpolished. Frontman Charlie Brand, 31, recorded pieces of his band’s fifth album…
Anna Gaca / October 28, 2016

The Orwells Are Moving Past Growing Pains on Terrible Human Beings

A few short years ago, the garage-rock rascals in the Orwells would have reveled in boozy binges, on-the-road misadventures, and spontaneous hook-ups. But now, just…
Sadie Bell / October 28, 2016

We Are X and So Can You

I guess the hands are as good a place to start as any. If you've watched any J-Pop or K-pop concert footage, you've seen it:…
Emily Yoshida / October 28, 2016

The New Oasis Documentary Reminds You Why They Mattered

I used to be the worst kind of Oasis fan—every bit as brash, self-satisfied, dismissive, and deluded as the Gallagher brothers themselves. Hell, I even…
Kyle McGovern / October 28, 2016

The Invisible Empire of Alex Jones

In 1972, the soft-spoken psychedelic evangelist Terence McKenna emerged from the Colombian Amazon, where he and his brother had spent months trekking through the woods,…
Andy Cush / October 26, 2016

10 Years Later, My Chemical Romance’s The Black Parade Still Speaks to Emo Internet Kids

The definition of emo depends on who you’re talking to. Kids who came of age in the early-to-mid aughts knew "emo" as a catch-all slang…
Jeremy Gordon / October 24, 2016

The SPIN Interview: American Football’s Mike Kinsella

Mike Kinsella quickly cops to being "old," by which he means that he’s 39, married, and spent the day taking his kids to IKEA. His aw-shucks attitude…
Anna Gaca / October 21, 2016

Moonlight Is a Stunning Deconstruction of Black Masculinity

There’s a cruel dichotomy signified by the color blue. It calls to mind the omnipresence of the skies and the ocean’s unfathomable expanse. These are…
Brian Josephs / October 21, 2016

Brian Wilson’s Memoir Brings a Boomer Icon Down to Earth

Every classic rock act has its own mythology to be reverently cited by fans of the form decades later, held up as an example of…
Jeremy Gordon / October 20, 2016

Cheetos Chicken Fries™ Are America’s Bland, Corporate Future

I try to eat well, but I’m only American. Years of living amongst advertising has chipped away my brain’s natural defenses; any well-edited, brightly colored…
Jeremy Gordon / October 14, 2016

Xylouris White’s Sisyphean Take on Punk

According to George Xylouris’s stories of Anogeia, the small mountain village in Crete where he was raised and still lives is so saturated with music that…
Andy Cush / October 13, 2016

Elle N’est Pas Une Girl

I got into a conversation with a fellow critic after seeing Elle, the latest film from director Paul Verhoeven. She didn't like it…
Emily Yoshida / October 11, 2016

On Being Awkward and Insecure While Black

The abundance of black television from the past two decades includes three letters: U-P-N. Before its dissolution in 2006, UPN was the birthplace of some of…
Brian Josephs / October 10, 2016

Digital Crate Digging With DJ /rupture

  When DJ and music writer Jace Clayton began working on his new book Uproot, he had a deceptively simple premise in mind: "that really…
Andy Cush / October 6, 2016
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