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‘Pokémon Theme’ Singer Jason Paige Still Wants to Be the Very Best

The "Pokémon Theme" is one of the few television openers that immediately inspires a Pavlovian reaction from humans 30 and under. The first few seconds —…
Brian Josephs / July 21, 2016

Couldn’t Do Without Me: Why Taylor vs. Kanye Feels Like Kobe vs. Shaq

If there's been one constant to the feud between Taylor Swift and Kanye West, it's been an element of true shock. When Taylor outs herself…
Andrew Unterberger / July 19, 2016

Jamila Woods Puts the Focus on Chicago and Black Life

The literary organization Young Chicago Authors lists a pretty simple but powerful mission statement on its website: To transform "the lives of young people by cultivating their…
Brian Josephs / July 15, 2016

Taylor Swift as Nils Sjoberg: Welcome to the Machine

As always, the teen conspiracy theorists were right. Today we learned that "This Is What You Came For," Calvin Harris' latest lukewarm pop smash with…
Andrew Unterberger / July 13, 2016

Cillian Murphy: Radiohead Is a Once-in-a-Generation Band, But ‘Peaky Blinders’ Could Use Some Led Zeppelin

"On a gathering storm / Comes a tall handsome man / With a dusty black coat / And a red right hand": Nick Cave and…
Anna Gaca / July 13, 2016

Descendents’ Milo Aukerman: You’re Never Too Old to Think Farts Are Funny

The Descendents' frontman, Milo Aukerman, is no longer a scientist. The 53-year-old still holds a degree, of course, but he's no longer a practicing scientist. Devoted…
Rachel Brodsky / July 11, 2016

Life After Death Row: A Guide to Snoop Dogg’s Post-‘Doggystyle’ Career

The quarter-century-long career of Calvin Broadus — a.k.a. Snoop Doggy Dogg — is full of contradictions. He’s a husband and father whose devotion to his family is…
Mosi Reeves / July 8, 2016

Dua Lipa: From Britain to the World, a Pop Star With Unflagging Confidence

It’s early May and Dua Lipa is curled up in a booth at New York City's Soho House, hurriedly downing a salad. The 20-year-old singer has…
Brennan Carley / July 8, 2016

Twenty-First-Century Colours: The Avalanches on Growing Their 16-Year-Old ‘Wildflower’

Wildflower's existence is something of a miracle. The Avalanches' long-awaited (and just-unveiled) follow-up to their nostalgic plunderphonics classic, 2000's Since I Left You, comes at a…
Brian Josephs / July 8, 2016

The SPIN Interview: Blink-182

"Show me images of Travis Barker," Mark Hoppus tells Siri as he prepares to pose for a SPIN photo shoot. "You'll need to unlock your iPhone first,"
Rachel Brodsky / July 7, 2016

Has Any Great Band Ever Cared Less Than the Pixies?

Today, alt-rock progenitors the Pixies returned with a new single: a slight, silly piece of poppy slop-rock with a nonsense title and unintelligible chorus; decently…
Andrew Unterberger / July 6, 2016

The Scene Is Over: TV on the Radio’s ‘Return to Cookie Mountain’ Is New York’s ‘OK Computer’

In an issue of his comic-book series The Sandman, Neil Gaiman tells an old tale focused on the fantastic ancient city of Baghdad. It was a…
Brian Josephs / July 6, 2016

Maxwell Traveled From Haiti to the Bedroom for ‘blackSUMMERS’night’

Over the past decade, R&B has moved into icier and sparser soundscapes while its male stars succeed by giving genuinely bad relationship advice. The genre's focus now is a far…
Brian Josephs / July 1, 2016

Cymbals Eat Guitars Wanna Be Well

Standing in the middle of the crowd for Philadelphia DIY maestro Alex G’s show at Brooklyn venue Baby’s All Right, Joseph D’Agostino has…
Andrew Unterberger / June 30, 2016

Big Thief: The Dynamic Indie Quartet Can’t Be Satisfied With One ‘Masterpiece’

Big Thief have to be the least-arrogant-sounding band to ever title their first album Masterpiece. The folk-inflected indie-rock quartet's opening statement is a triumph of the…
Andrew Unterberger / June 30, 2016
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