“I’m Beatboxing as Fast as I Can!”

CHAPTER 2: MOUSES“This is so much better than school,” I told my momafter our first rehearsal.It was true. At school, I alwayshad to think for…
By: SPIN Staff / April 26, 2004

Bands to Watch: Devendra Banhart

Devendra Banhart's musical journey began 11 years ago with agrand deception. "We were at karaoke, singing 'HotelCalifornia,' and my brother told me it was my…
By: Caryn Ganz / April 23, 2004

Essential Record Guide: Hardcore

Inthe early 1980s, far from the world of Clash stadium gigs and new wave,a nation of dozens rewrote the punk rule book while no one…
By: Andrew Beaujon / April 21, 2004

About a Man

Forten years, people have asked, "Why did Kurt Cobain have to die?" Butthat question has been addressed by so many pundits that it no longerha…
By: Chuck Klosterman / April 20, 2004

Demon Lover

Howconfident is Selma Blair these days? Why don't we let her explain:"People equate feeling alive with feeling fuckable," she says in a wrydeadpan, as she…
By: Stephen Rebello / April 19, 2004

We Will Rock You

By: Ben Kaplan / April 16, 2004

Bands to Watch: Franz Ferdinand

Thougharty dance-rock quartet Franz Ferdinand insist they are "the softestband" in tough-guy Glasgow, they actually tell several stories that endwith the phrase "We had to…
By: Caryn Ganz / April 14, 2004

And Now, a Less Informed Opinion

1. I play songs in endless loops. When a song is new to me, and there's something about it that kills me, I'll listen to…
By: Dave Eggers / April 12, 2004
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