Sick of spastic, nattily clad post-punkers and nouveau new wavers with bumping basslines and bloated BPM counts? Calm down, people. Take a deep breath. There'…
SPIN Staff / June 21, 2005

100 Greatest Albums, 1985-2005

Each album on the list finds a sweet spot between artistic brilliance, stylistic innovation, and cultural relevance. You could listen to the Smiths' The Quee…
SPIN Staff / June 20, 2005

Off the Record

For 20 years, Spin has saved your life. Are you interested in modern-rock bands like Nirvana and Kula Shaker? Read Spin. Did you once suspect…
SPIN Staff / June 20, 2005


There must be something in the waters of Omaha that fuels local songwriters to pen ponderous, beautiful, and downright depressing lyrics. Conor Oberst leads the…
SPIN Staff / June 20, 2005

Pernice Brothers

The cowbell seems to be the percussion instrument of choice these days. There's the Rapture's ubiquitous "House of the Jealous Lovers," Queens of the Stone…
SPIN Staff / June 17, 2005


If the British know one thing about rock'n'roll, it's how to write a big, epic ballad, and Yorkshire quintet Embrace has that down quite nicely.
SPIN Staff / June 16, 2005


With girlish yelps and post-feminist schoolyard choruses on their debut EP, Girls With Glasses, Washington, DC's own Partyline fits beautifully into second wave of riot…
SPIN Staff / June 15, 2005

Funeral For A Friend

For all of the sounds American rockers have recently hijacked from English shores, it's only fair that English lads are now taking stabs at America…
SPIN Staff / June 14, 2005

Turin Brakes

All the pretty little girls are going to develop crushes on U.K. duo Turin Brakes. Childhood friends Olly Knights and Gale Paridjanian are sensitive and…
SPIN Staff / June 13, 2005

Troubled Hubble

Maybe wide-open prairie breeds hearty indie guitar. Whimsical yet deep frontmen grow from the fields like stalks of corn; quirky and layered guitar work come…
SPIN Staff / June 10, 2005
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