The Changes

Who? Chicago's the Changes -- vocalist/guitarist Darren Spitzer, bassist Rob Kallick, guitarist David Rothblatt, and drummer Jonny Basofin -- formed in 2002 and have two…
By: SPIN Staff / September 26, 2006


Who? The Statue of Liberty, Euro Disney, Jerry Lewis -- it seems that whenever the U.S. and France team up, good things happen, and Honeycut'…
By: SPIN Staff / September 25, 2006

The Jonbenet

Who: The Jonbenet can't help but be hardcore; they were forged in the fires of hell, that is, the fire of the Houston, Texas su…
By: SPIN Staff / September 22, 2006

Prophet Omega

Who: Prophet Omega is not the stage name of a former frat-boy with a deluded sense of authority; rather, it's the nom de plume of…
By: SPIN Staff / September 21, 2006

The Whigs

Who? This Athens, GA trio is comprised of vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist Parker Gispert, drummer Julian Dorio, and bassist Hank Sullivant. Gispert and Dorio were childhood pals, and…
By: SPIN Staff / September 20, 2006

Panic Attack

On a dreadfully rainy afternoon in October 2005, an endless queue of smallish bodies lined the street outside NYC's Knitting Factory, their hoodies soaked through.
By: SPIN Staff / September 19, 2006

¡Forward Russia!

Who? Frontman Tom Woodhead and bassist Rob Canning teamed up with drummer Katie Nicholls and guitarist Samuel "Whiskas" Nicholls (who are siblings) in 2004. Formerly…
By: SPIN Staff / September 19, 2006

The Big Sleep

Who? Brooklyn's the Big Sleep -- Danny Barria (guitar), Sonya Balchandani (bass), and Gabe Rhodes (drums) -- have pressed their already notorious New York City…
By: SPIN Staff / September 18, 2006

The Matches

Who? Oakland, CA's the Matches -- Shawn Harris (vocals/guitar), Matt Whalen (drums), Justin San Souci (vocals/ bass), and Jon Devoto (guitars/vocals) -- released their sophomore…
By: SPIN Staff / September 15, 2006

Charlotte Martin

Who: 29-year-old songstress Charlotte Martin, a classically trained opera singer from Illinois, is a pianist by trade, and she deftly utilizes both an analog synthesizer…
By: SPIN Staff / September 14, 2006
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