Bon Savants

Who? This quintet -- frontman Thom Moran, guitarist Craig Hendrix, bassist David Eugene, keyboardist Brian Hamilton, and drummer Andrew Dole -- are not French, a…
By: SPIN Staff / November 3, 2006


Who? Don't let the tricky name fool you. This is not some soundtrack or compilation, just a couple of cheeky artists who go by the…
By: SPIN Staff / November 2, 2006

Stars of Track and Field

Who? Stars of Track and Field are a trio hailing from Portland, Oregon. The Northwest rock conglomerate consists of Jason Bell on guitar and vocals,…
By: SPIN Staff / November 1, 2006

Colour Revolt

Who? The five former math rockers from Oxford, Mississippi formerly known as Fletcher apparently dipped into Edwin Abbott's 19th Century social commentary, Flatland, and came…
By: SPIN Staff / October 31, 2006

Grey Does Matter

Who? New York native Jason Crawford has been making grey matter since 2004, when he wrote and played every note of his self-released debut, How…
By: SPIN Staff / October 30, 2006


Who? Whitey is the brainchild of East London native Nathan J. Whitey, who previously held gigs as a journalist and graffiti artist. His self-produced debut,…
By: SPIN Staff / October 27, 2006

Bright Light Fever

What's the Deal: For a struggling young band, Bright Light Fever reacted strangely to the idea of getting a record deal: They were pissed off.
By: SPIN Staff / October 26, 2006

November 2006

It's that time of the month -- no, not that one, but the one where you lucky readers get the low down on all the…
By: SPIN Staff / October 26, 2006

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

Who: Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin formed when singer/songwriter John Cardwell, drummer/songwriter Philip Dickey, bassist Jonathan James, and guitarist Will Knauer met at their…
By: SPIN Staff / October 25, 2006

On the Plus Side

Sooner or later everyone leaves the frat house. Even blink-182. While the pop-punkers did eventually grow up -- eschewing the potty humor that made album…
By: Robert Levine / October 24, 2006
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