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Naomi Punk Thrives With Minimalist Edge and Maximal Sound

When speaking about oft mythicized hometown of Olympia, Washington, caustic surf-scum trio Naomi Punk agrees that the concept of a punk-rock utopia is fickle. “It…
Paula Mejia / August 6, 2014

White Fence Leaves Home-Recording Behind on ‘For the Recently Found Innocent’

While Tim Presley was recording demos for his upcoming Drag City debut, For the Recently Found Innocent, something felt inexplicably off for the Los Angele…
Paula Mejia / June 13, 2014

Craft Spells Find Solace in Solitude, Emit Sunny Vibes on ‘Nausea’

We live in a society where illness is pathologized and detoxification is a business, hinged on the quick fix instead of promoting holistic wellness. With…
Paula Mejia / June 11, 2014

Purling Hiss Unearth Their Scuzzy, Lovesick Roots on ‘Dizzy Polizzy’

Within Philadelphia exists a rotating cast of songwriters, friends and collaborators, all aboard a rock and roll freak train. These include Kurt Vile and hi…
Paula Mejia / April 24, 2014

Hear Plague Vendor’s Raucous ‘Breakdance On Broken Glass’

Los Angeles’ Plague Vendor sure know how to make a memorable entrance. On the band’s piledriving single “Breakdance on Broken Glass,” shards fly and headbangers’…
Paula Mejia / April 1, 2014

Perfect Pussy Revel in Their Hardcore Fury on ‘Say Yes to Love’

“Since when do we say yes to love?” demands Meredith Graves, frontwoman for hardcore shredders Perfect Pussy. This bold question frames the Syracuse-based band’s Captured…
Paula Mejia / March 11, 2014

Stream Meta-Instrumentalist ingMob’s Kaleidoscopic ‘mmm’

Raymond Weitekamp, an organic chemist who produces music as ingMob, is the type of guy who could easily impress both DJ nerds and computer geek…
Paula Mejia / February 6, 2014

The Black Lips Revisit Their Southern Roots on ‘Underneath the Rainbow’

It’s hard to believe that the garage-punk rogues in Black Lips have been forging shit-kicking, ramshackle tunes for this long. They’re rightfully famous for their…
Paula Mejia / January 30, 2014

Quilt’s ‘Held in Splendor’ Is a Frayed, Captivating Psych-Pop Odyssey

American folk music is often held as sacred, bound by hallowed traditions both acoustic and spiritual. So it seems almost too easy to name your…
Paula Mejia / January 23, 2014

Jack White and Whiskey: The Head and the Heart’s Must-Haves

Only a couple years ago, the Head and the Heart were struggling to capture the attention of passersby while busking on Seattle street corners. Now,…
Paula Mejia / October 8, 2013

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