Pamela Chelin

Judge Crushes Courtney Love’s Attempt to Duck Libel Lawsuit

Though she prevailed in her January "Twibel" case, Courtney Love wasn't so fortunate in a Los Angeles courtroom on Thursday. On February 20, Judge…
By: Pamela Chelin / February 20, 2014

Failure Shake Off 16 Years of Rust With Ease at L.A. Reunion Gig

Nearly 800 rabid Failure fans — an instant sellout when this reunion was announced back in November — packed L.A.'s El Rey Theatre…
By: Pamela Chelin / February 14, 2014

Courtney Love Found Not Liable in Landmark Twitter Defamation Case

Courtney Love was found not liable of defaming her former lawyer, Rhonda Holmes, on Friday (January 24). Though the jury wasn't expected to deliver a…
By: Pamela Chelin / January 25, 2014

Courtney Love Cries Again in Court When Discussing Frances Bean

LOS ANGELES — As she did last week, Courtney Love cried in court this afternoon when speaking about her relationship with daughter Frances Bean.Asked what…
By: Pamela Chelin / January 23, 2014

Courtney Love Sobs About Kurt Cobain’s Mistreated Legacy in Court

LOS ANGELES — Courtney Love covered her face with her hands, audibly gasped, and began to sob today in court, as she listened to a…
By: Pamela Chelin / January 22, 2014

Emails in Courtney Love Defamation Trial Show Friendship Between Singer and Attorney Suing Her

LOS ANGELES — On the third day of Courtney Love Cobain's defamation trial, attorney Rhonda J. Holmes, who filed the…
By: Pamela Chelin / January 18, 2014

Courtney Love Cries About Frances Bean on the Witness Stand

LOS ANGELES — Here are a few things we learned from Thursday’s installment of the landmark social-media defamation trial against Courtney Love Cobain.
By: Pamela Chelin / January 17, 2014

Courtney Love’s Defamation Trial Defense: Tweet Was Meant to Be Private

"I'm not a forensic analyst, although by now I could be," said Courtney Love Cobain while seated on the witness stand for the first day of…
By: Pamela Chelin / January 16, 2014