Chris Norris

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Moonwalking in L.A. With Beck

In the four years since his folk-hop opus "Odelay," Beck's world has turned upside-down. Teens and meatheads have taken over, slacking has given way to cell…
Chris Norris / July 8, 2014

MYTH No. 1: Radiohead Can Do No Wrong

REALITY: Radiohead kinda blow.
Chris Norris / November 9, 2009

The SPIN Interview: Elvis Costello

He's tackled nearly every form of contemporary music over 27 albums. Now Elvis Costello is taking his cultural ambassador skills to their logical a…
Chris Norris / December 1, 2008

Me and You and a Dog Named Blue

One spring afternoon in 1999, Steve Burns was on his way to a date.He was driving through New Jersey, fighting jitters, primping inthe rearview, when…
Chris Norris / February 9, 2004