Matthew Dear's Audion Alias Shreds the Dance Floor on 'Motormouth'

Best-of compilation 'Audion X' planned for a December release

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The cover of 'Audion X' is to eyes what the music is to ears
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Chris Martins

Detroit-reared electronicist Matthew Dear has made his name wedding burbling electronics to his own creepy baritone, crafting an off-kilter brand of pop that bubbles and fizzes quite nicely (check out last year's Beams). But, owing to his upbringing, the man has a heavier, more dance-oriented side. As the techn(o)ician Audion, he has been churning out throbbing, skronky instrumentals for a full decade now, and a new compilation aims to celebrate that.

Audion X, is out December 10 via Ghostly imprint Spectral Sound and will feature all of the visceral hits, from "Kisses" to "Your Place or Mine" to, um, "Titty Fuck." The 18-track retrospective will also include a pair of new songs: "Sky" and "Motormouth," the latter of which can be heard streaming below. That hard-charging rave rattler runs more than six minutes and shreds the entire time. It's no coincidence that the waveform looks like a saw:

Audion, Audion X track list:

1. "Motormouth"
2. "Sky"
3. "Cloth (Just a Couch)"
4. "Mouth to Mouth"
5. "Noiser"
6. "Look at the Moon"
7. "Fred's Bells"
8. "Billy Says Go"
9. "Kisses"
10. "The Pong"
11. "Titty Fuck"
12. "It's Full of Blinding Light"
13. "I Am the Car"
14. "Just Fucking"
15. "Your Place or Mine"
16. "Wield"
17. "Just Me"
18. "Taut"

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  • 1 Night Drive — Easy to Lie " 03:56
  • 2 Young Buffalo — No Idea " 03:59
  • 3 Vaadat Charigim — Ein Li Makom " 03:46
  • 4 Lindstrøm — Home Tonight " 09:13
  • 5 Will Butler — You Must Be Kidding " 03:54
  • 6 Clarence Clarity — 1-800-WORSHIP " 04:30
  • 7 The Knocks — Dancing With Myself " 00:00

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