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Watch CHVRCHES’ Mysterious, Surreally Gorgeous New ‘Clearest Blue’ Video

A befittingly wonderful visual for an equally wonderful song

picture-23014-1408736514Brennan Carley // February 19, 2016

Glaswegian pop maestros CHVRCHES have just unleashed the music video for their Every Open Eye standout “Clearest Blue” upon the unworthy masses. The Warren Fu-directed short opens with the camera trained on man, crumpled up on the ground, as he stands up and looks at a note that’s blown his way by the wind. Quickly the scene flashes to a forest, as Iain Cook and Martin Doherty walk solemnly towards an armored-up Lauren Mayberry, and things cut and flash and bang and whizz back and forth and beyond for the rest of the tune. All in all, it’s a baroque and wonderfully fitting visual accompaniment to what truly was one of the best songs of 2015 (and beyond).

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