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Worriers Announce New Album ‘Imaginary Life,’ Share ‘They/Them/Theirs’ Single

The punk collective's debut album is out August 7 on Don Giovanni Records

Back in 2008, Worriers started as something of a punk supergroup, the original lineup including Lauren Denitzio of The Measure [sa], Mike Catalano of Hunchback, and Justin Sullivan of the Babies. But in the years since, the punk collective has mainly become the focus of the singer-songwriter Denitzio. The project’s upcoming Imaginary Life, follow-up to 2013’s dynamic Cruel Optimist EP, will be released on August 7 through Don Giovanni Records, with production by Laura Jane Grace (frontwoman for Gainesville underground rock titans Against Me!).

The set is led by single “They/Them/Theirs,” a short and not-so-sweet two minutes of distorted guitars, brusque monotone vocals, and a refreshingly melodic refrain. Denitzio’s lyrics reveal her seasoned status as a politically charged, radical artist, writing about the futile nature of society’s need for categorization (“What if there is no better word than just not saying anything? / You are fighting between a rock and why bother”).

Look out for the group’s full-length punk proclamation on August 7, stream the single above (available on iTunes on May 26), and check out dates for the band’s upcoming U.S. tour below.

Worriers tour dates (w/ Caves):

May 28 — Brooklyn, NY @ Silent Barn
May 29 — Pittsburgh, PA @ City Grows
May 30 — Cincinnati, OH @ Tacocracy
May 31 — Bloomington [email protected] Castle
June 1 —Chicago, [email protected] Wire
June 2 — Grand Rapids, [email protected] New Church
June 3 — Milwaukee, [email protected] Room
June 4 — Minneapolis, [email protected]
June 5 — Minot, [email protected] House
June 6 — Bozeman, [email protected] Cocktail Lounge
June 7 — Missoula, [email protected] Beck VFW
June 9 — Seattle, [email protected]
June 10 — Portland, [email protected] Cafe
June 11 — San Francisco, [email protected] Tavern
June 12 — Pomona, [email protected]
June 13 — San Diego, [email protected] Bar
June 14 — Los Angeles, [email protected] Smell
June 15 — Phoenix, [email protected] Space
June 16 — Las Cruces, [email protected] Hall
June 18 — Austin, [email protected] (inside)
June 19 — Houston, [email protected] POWER
June 20 — New Orleans, [email protected] in Christ Records (Gasa Gasa)
June 21 — Pensacola, [email protected]’s
June 22 — Gainesville, [email protected] Atlantic
June 23 — Athens, [email protected] Lounge
June 24 — Durham, [email protected]
June 25 — Richmond, [email protected]
June 26 — Sayreville, [email protected] Ballroom (iDobi Festival w/o Caves)
June 27 — Baltimore, MD @ TBA
June 28 — Philadelphia, [email protected] & Saddle
June 29 — New Brunswick, [email protected] West

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