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Watch Kylesa Warp Reality in Animated ‘Low Tide’ Video

Georgia metal unit promotes 'Ultraviolet' LP by folding the earth in on itself

picture-18547-1390524318Kyle McGovern // November 15, 2013

Kylesa obliterated an entire city in their animated video for “Unspoken,” and now the Savannah, Georgia-based metal crew has set its sights on the stars. In support of this year’s Ultraviolet LP, the genre-melting five-piece has shared a cartoon clip for power-psych ballad “Low Tide.” Directed by Brodie Rush (who also helmed the “Unspoken” visual), the just-released short spans outer space, the depths of the earth, and the human body’s inner workings, all by way of vivid stop-motion graphics. Hit the play button above to see Kylesa’s vision of the universe, wherein trees burst into flames, dinosaur fossils rest alongside crash-landed UFOs, and the margins of metaphysics are negotiable.

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