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Watch Daft Punk’s Full, Retrofuturistic ‘Lose Yourself to Dance’ Video

Nile Rodgers and Pharrell join the robot duo in extended 'Random Access Memories' clip

picture-18576-1373300776Marc Hogan // September 16, 2013

Daft Punk’s newly released “Lose Yourself to Dance” video sums up a whole bunch about the French duo’s latest album, Random Access Memories. First, a brief clip of the video already ran during the MTV Video Music Awards, so as with everything about RAM this arrives after a lengthy build-up (the teaser video was even labeled as “official,” as if it were the final product — oh, the suspense!). Second, the video demonstrates how Daft Punk distinctively mix the retro and the futuristic: You have to imagine an era in which robots perform onstage alongside Pharrell and Nile Rodgers for a crowd of shimmying revelers, and yet camera phones don’t exist. In other words, it’s a fine and fitting video for a standout track from Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo’s Essential album. Watch the clip — which was directed by the droids with help from Warren Fu, Paul Hahn, and Cedric Hervet — above and check out How Daft Punk Saved Pop Music (and Doomed Us All).

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