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Watch Raw Geronimo’s Brave, Gut-Wrenching ‘Magnetic Love’ Video

Singer Laena Geronimo's father, Devo's Alan Myers, died the day of the sextet's video shoot

picture-18576-1373300776Marc Hogan // August 1, 2013

Alan Myers, the Devo drummer known as the “human metronome,” died on June 24. His daughter Laena Geronimo has her own slew of musical credits (all-female band the Like, plus assorted other Los Angeles groups), and her current art-rock crew Raw Geronimo just released debut album Dream Fever this week via L.A. label Neurotic Yell. But the full-voiced singer and multi-instrumentalist’s parentage is relevant to the video for Dream Fever’s “Magnetic Love,” because the shoot took place the same day Myers passed away. With trilling guitars, thumping girl-group percussion, and operatic sweep, the song is in keeping with the dream-pop slow jams of Beach House or the hypnotic edges of Warpaint. The video, a straight performance clip of the gender-equal six-piece, is straightforward and elegant. When Geronimo reaches for those drawn-out notes at the bridge, you can only imagine what’s going through her mind.