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GrandeMarshall Is ‘Dedicated to’ Women and Weed on ‘Mugga Man’ Highlight

Philly MC, 19, rhymes right with workmanlike focus

picture-18276-1372868632Chris Martins // July 9, 2013

Back in April, Philadelphia youngster GrandeMarshall nabbed our Rap Release of the Week with his second mixtape Mugga Man. Back then Brandon Soderberg noted “that breezy, fly-shit-kickin’ feeling of, well, all kinds of dusted street rap from the golden era of dusted street rap.” The 19-year-old MC exemplifies that laid-back but impactful flow on “Dedicated To,” a highlight from the Fool’s Gold release that features the woozy slowed-up beatwork of Ben Pramuk. Late in the five-minute track, GM casually describes his M.O.: “Swear I’ma ride this motherfucker till the wheels fall off.” But there are plenty of highlights that come before — namely the various ways in which dude brags about his ability to consume weed and women while stacking shoe boxes and sipping rum. Hey, that’s dedication, right?