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Hear the Family Crest’s Sweeping Orchestral Single ‘The Headwinds’

Five-track EP serves as primer to sextet's forthcoming sophomore album, due January on Tender Loving Empire

picture-18547-1390524318Kyle McGovern // July 29, 2013

Orchestral rock outfit the Family Crest have just signed with Portland record label Tender Loving Empire and already have their first release lined up: The Headwinds EP arrives July 30 and promises to introduce the “grand sounds” of the six-piece’s upcoming sophomore album, Beneath the Brine. According to the label, the Kickstarter-funded full-length “showcases an expansive breadth of arrangements — from dark, classical romanticism to brass-laden sounds reminiscent of the Roaring ’20s.” 

Ahead of that LP’s January 2014 drop date, though, we have the aforementioned EP’s sweeping title track, wherein the San Francisco-born collective arm themselves with sharp strings, galloping percussion, and an ambition wide enough to swallow you whole. Dive in below.

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