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See the So So Glos Blow Out Their Network Television Debut on ‘Letterman’

Brooklyn punks played "Son of An American," the opening track off their latest LP

picture-18547-1390524318Kyle McGovern // April 27, 2013

When SPIN recently spoke to the So So Glos about their latest LP, the appropriately titled Blowout, drummer Zach Staggers said of the 12-track effort, “Everything is blown out, bricked out, we just wanted it to be aggressive. We just put our faces in people’s faces to get our ideas out. And it’s a party.”

The Williamsburg-based punks brought that ethos to the Late Show with David Letterman last night (April 26), making their network television debut for a performance of the new album’s opener “Son of an American.” A few seconds into the sneering, scruffy, down-but-not-out anthem, singer-bassist Alex Levine lets an awkward smile slip out across his face, likely a mix of nervousness and excitement; and Levine has every right to experience a quick “Is this really happening?” moment — the So So Glos just got their ideas out in front of a lot more people’s faces.