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Trent Reznor, Josh Homme, and Dave Grohl Approach Transcendence on ‘Mantra’

One of several 'Sound City' soundtrack highlights

picture-18276-1372868632Chris Martins // March 6, 2013

In our recent Dave Grohl cover story, Mr. Grohl’s Cabinet of Wonder, the main Foo Fighter made a not-so-shocking admission: “I love to play, and fortunately, I don’t know a lot of musicians that suck. I know a bunch of really good ones and they’re always up for playing [too].” Indeed, while his buzzing documentary Sound City largely focuses on the magic that a good studio can impart, it also serves as indisputable evidence that the former Nirvana drummer has some serious sway in the music world.

While it’s impossible to ignore Grohl’s rip-roaring Paul McCartney collaboration “Cut Me Some Slack,” the film’s Real to Reel soundtrack also includes an impressive team-up with Trent Reznor (pre-yacht) and Josh Homme (pre-Queens of the Stone Age announcements). Dubbed “Mantra” (via Stereogum), the transcendent, nearly eight-minute track opens with a simple drum beat and bass, then slowly grows into a gargantuan slab of soulful rock before ending in an orchestral explosion of guitars and keys and fuzz. So yeah, safe to say these guys don’t suck at what they do.