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Hear Purling Hiss’ Fuzzy Dino Jr. Upgrade ‘Mercury Retrograde’

From the 'Water on Mars,' LP due on Drag City in March

picture-18276-1372868632Chris Martins // February 19, 2013

Philadelphia’s Purling Hiss began as the solo project of Kurt Vile associate Mike Polizze but the thing has since evolved into “a frightening, full-fledged power trio,” as noted in our Best New Artists of January roundup. These three brotherly fuzz-lovers have a new LP due March 19 via Drag City, and it’s called Water on Mars because when it comes to delivering life-giving juice to areas in need, the Hiss are experts. To wit: brand new jam “Mercury Retrograde,” which provides an ear-worming evolution on the shrugged-off mothball rock that Dinosaur Jr. pioneered in the late ’80s. “I don’t know, I don’t know / And I can’t do anything,” Polizze sings with an upbeat, distinctly what-me-worry sort of charm. Why? ‘Cause he’s a G, of course. (“G,” in this case standing for gnarlmeister.) Get it:

And while you’re here, check out the promo clip for Water on Mars:

Purling Hiss, Water on Mars track list:
1. “Lolita”
2. “Mercury Retrograde”
3. “Rat Race”
4. “Dead Again”
5. “She Calms Me Down”
6. “Face Down”
7. “The Harrowing Wind”
8. “Water on Mars”
9. “Mary Bumble Bee”