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Drake Toasts Grammy Win With ‘Started From the Bottom’ Video

Drizzy drops something new on awards night after all

picture-18576-1373300776Marc Hogan // February 11, 2013

Whatever you call Degrassi, Drake isn’t on the bottom anymore. In fact, his auterish, storytelling-driven, R&B-shading Take Care just won the Grammy for Best Rap Album. In time to celebrate, the Young Money rapper has posted a video for his latest song, origins-justifying “Started From the Bottom,” an itchy, electro-futuristic chin-stroker so at once understated and in-your-face that SPIN hip-hop blogger Brandon Soderberg aptly dubbed it “sincere trolling.” 

The song was originally supposed to come out tonight. Instead it’s the video. Directed by Director X (who also helmed Take Care’s MTV-honored “HYFR” video) and C. Papi (allegedly Drake himself), the clip splits the difference between “living at my mama’s house” and “half a million for a show.” The private jet is impressive, but the more memorable part involves young Aubrey Drake Graham’s retail co-workers sweet-talking a cleavage-baring customer. Which further belies the notion Drake starts from the bottom, but we digress…

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