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FIDLAR Target Craft Brew-Swilling Hipsters in ‘Cheap Beer’ Video

Badass biker bro slaps the Stella out of cool kids' hands

picture-18276-1372868632Chris Martins // November 2, 2012

Los Angeles punks FIDLAR take heavy, hilarious swings at hipster culture in their new video for “Cheap Beer.” In this Ryan Baxley-directed clip, a tattooed Harley-riding badass embarks on a solemn mission to smack the pricey craft brews out of the young hands that hold them. He visits a content yipster couple toasting a Yeti stout poured into wine glasses. He drops in on a Stella-clinking cool kids party. And he returns to the first household to wreak serious havoc when the same dweeb from before attempts to sneak a Chimay into the bedroom. Meanwhile, FIDLAR thrash through the surprisingly catchy hardcore ripper whose chorus lays the message out clear as day: “I. Drink. Cheap. Beer. So. What. Fuck. You.” The lowbrow yet oh-so-canny single hails from the band’s self-titled debut, due out January 22 on Mom + Pop. Someone warn Pliney.

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