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Watch Das Racist Channel ‘Flashdance’ in Goofy ‘Girl’ Video

Dancing mulleted star could be Sexy Sax Man's big bro

picture-18276-1372868632Chris Martins // October 30, 2012

Flashdance and the Sexy Sax Man duke it out for the guiding inspiration behind the latest Das Racist music video. In “Girl,” a fleet-footed, mullet-wearing dude in denim attempts to seduce his love interests using the time-honored aphrodesiac of dance. He stalks her down the street, looms in another aisle at the library, emerges from a fountain, and even follows her to yoga. Unfortunately, his well-meaning hip thrusts go unanswered and our hero (“Lance Cantstopolis,” played by Fahim Anwar) is forced to resort to modern means. The comedic clip from this DR-lite Kool A.D.-sung Relax joint comes courtesy of director Aristotle Athiras.