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Animal Collective Do ‘Rosie Oh’ in Giant Mouth on ‘Fallon’

The performance evokes 'Magical Mystery Tour' meets Oneohtrix Point Never

picture-18276-1372868632Chris Martins // October 5, 2012

Last night, Animal Collective brought “Rosie Oh” to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. On the SPIN Essential album Centipede Hz, the Panda Bear-sung standout makes like a bizarrely enticing mashup of Magical Mystery Tour live band jauntiness and Oneohtrix Point Never-style digital scree. If that seems like a strange choice for a television performance, well, it is, but this is Animal Collective and they do want they want. In this case, that included performing within a physical recreation (more like evocation) of their new album’s cover, complete with a bulbous set of LED-lit teeth and a segment of a technicolor centipede for your enjoyment. Fallon challenge: determine whether the camerawork is “arty” or just trying to shoot around the inflatable chompers.