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Listen to Robert Pollard’s 447th Great Song This Year, ‘Who’s Running My Ranch’

A vaguely psych-rock track from solo LP 'Jack Sells the Cow'

Steve Kandell // July 13, 2012

Seems weird to say that 2012 could be the most impressive year of Bob Pollard’s patently ridiculous career, but after two way-better-than-anyone-could-have-expected — and criminally under-the-radar — Guided By Voices albums already out, and a third one due by the time you’re finished reading this probably, a solid solo album would be the cherry on top of a sundae you didn’t even know you ordered. This echo-laden, vaguely psych-rock track from the forthcoming solo outing Jack Sells the Cow sounds, somewhat counterintuitively given the history of Pollard’s swollen discography, a bit more produced than a lot of the new GBV stuff, and could ably serve as a salute to fellow Ohioans and next-gen lo-fi purveyors, Cloud Nothings. As a bonus, you can download “Who’s Running My Ranch,” too.