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Watch the Weeknd’s Weekend Shows in Boston and New York

It's almost like you're there

picture-18831-1332525985Devon Maloney // April 30, 2012

Anyone with a Twitter feed and a passing interest in music has realized a good chunk of the population has been going ballistic over Canada’s newest R&B export the Weeknd’s first tour dates, which were announced earlier this month. Following two Coachella performances, Abel Tesfaye has kicked it off with dates in New York, Boston, and Philadelphia and sharing live footage on his website. Now clips from his Brooklyn, Boston, and Manhattan gigs have surfaced (concertgoers from Philadelphia are probably still sleeping it off). Check out Tesfaye performing — with surprising energy, given his music’s lugubrious trudge — multiple cuts off his trilogy House of Balloons, Thursday, and Echoes of Silence. Additional clips from Thursday’s Brooklyn kick-off show, are also plentiful. It’ll almost feel like you were there… screaming women included (via 2dopeboyz).

On a related note, SPIN recently talked to hot NYC producer AraabMuzik about teaming with the Weekend — check out that interview when you’ve had enough of portrait-style smartphone videos.

“Crew Love” in Boston (Royale), Friday 4/27:

“The Birds Part 1″ in Boston (Royale), Friday 4/27:

“Rolling Stone” in Boston (Royale), Friday 4/27:

“Montreal” in Boston (Royale), Friday 4/27:

“Trust Issues (Drake remix)” in Boston (Royale), Friday 4/27:

“Wicked Games” in Boston (Royale), Friday 4/27:

“Crew Love” in New York (Bowery Ballroom), Saturday 4/28:

“Glass Table Girls” in New York (Bowery Ballroom), Saturday 4/28:

“Loft Music” and “Trust Issues (Drake remix)” in New York (Bowery Ballroom), Saturday 4/28:

“Wicked Games” in New York (Bowery Ballroom), Saturday 4/28:

“Outside” in New York (Bowery Ballroom), Saturday 4/28:

“The Morning” in New York (Bowery Ballroom), Saturday 4/28: