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First Spin: Field Report’s ‘I Am Not Waiting Anymore’ and ‘Fergus Falls’

Two tracks from former DeYarmond Edison guy Chris Porterfield, recorded at Bon Iver's April Base studio last December

picture-18149-1379434580David Bevan // March 28, 2012

By now you must be somewhat familiar with The Legend of Bon Iver, a tale of heartbreak and homesickness and career-making self-discovery that has often eclipsed the individual narratives of main man Justin Vernon’s former band, DeYarmond Edison, and the band its members/longtime friends went on to form, Megafaun. Here’s one we didn’t know: When Vernon and his DeYarmond Edison bandmates left Wisconsin to make a go of it in North Carolina, they left a man behind. His name is Chris Porterfield and over the the past six years he’s been writing and recording some quiet, Will Oldham-like fire of his own. Under the name Field Report, Porterfield plans to release to his self-titled full-length debut — recorded with Paul Kolderie (Radiohead, Warren Zevon, Pixies) — at Vernon’s April Base studio in July, two cuts of which you can grab for download below.