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Uffie, ‘Sex Dreams & Denim Jeans’ (Ed Banger/Because Music/Elektra)

Mosi Reeves // June 9, 2010

Uffie’s 2006 novelty hit “Pop the Glock” was the essence of dumb hot, marrying her sexy riffs on Audio Two’s “Top Billin'” with boyfriend Feadz’s lissome, dripping beat. The Miami-born, Paris-based socialite subsequently wastes most of her somewhat-dated debut album boasting about MySpace friends and fiddling with torturous, Ed Banger-produced synth pop (“Illusion of Love”). “I never claimed to be an artist / I can’t even sing, you know?” she admits on “Our Song.” Stick to what you do best, Uffie: making airheaded electro-hop come-ons like “MCs Can Kiss.”



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