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Watch: Nick Cave Reads from New Novel

The singer has written a new work of fiction, The Death of Bunny Munro. See him read a chapter!

Peter Gaston // August 14, 2009

It shouldn’t surprise anyone familiar with Nick Cave’s music that his literary output takes readers to the same kinds of dark places he visits through song. Accordingly, the Australian-born musician’s second novel, The Death of Bunny Munro, which arrives in stores Sept. 1, mines a morose (albeit classic) storyline: a down-on-his luck salesman struggling for redemption.

In the book, the title character — a widower — travels the south of England with his son, Bunny, Jr., selling personal care products to desperate housewives — many of whom he seduces. But ultimately, according to the dust jacket, his transgressions catch up with him, leading to some sort of “final reckoning.”

To get a glimpse of Cave’s prowess as an author — and hey, Trainspotting scribe Irvine Welsh considers himself a fan — check out the clip below of the singer reading a chapter from Bunny. It depicts a segment of Bunny and Bunny, Jr.’s road trip where father treats his son to a nice hotel stay — and his first ever taste of room service.


If your interest is piqued, click here to check out the pre-order from Amazon.