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Green Day’s Keyboard Cat, Jonas Bros. Channel Beyonce

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Anna Hyclak // June 5, 2009

Now that YouTube sensation the Keyboard Cat has used up all nine of its lives, Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong is filling in for the furry feline! [Huffington Post]

Prepare to be creeped out: Joe Jonas, singer of the Jonas Brothers, dons a skin-tight cat suit and dances like Beyonce in her “Single Ladies” music video. Ewww… [Perez]

Weezer is teaming up with Snuggie to create the “Wuggie,” a blanket with sleeves that features the Weezer logo. If you want to destroy it, you know what to do.[Weezer Snuggie]

Mick Jagger’s dreams of becoming an ice cream truck driver have, sadly, been crushed. Hey, this guy might need a hand! [The Sun].

Bret Michaels takes a break from pursuing love with former hookers and current gold-diggers to perform at… the Tonys? [Variety]

James Mercer of the Shins dreams of fighting giant apes and looking like a “B actor from a jungle movie.” [Mim and Honey]

Anti-fur activist Pink doesn’t want to hurt any animals, but she wouldn’t mind wearing a coat of Kanye West’s skin. [The Insider]