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The Streets Recording “Rave” Album

Mike Skinner says his next record is influenced by Berlin's music scene. Click here for more!

William Goodman // February 19, 2009

When he’s not slagging Lily Allen on Twitter, the Streets’ Mike Skinner is using his laptop to work on his next album, which, he explained via a MySpace post, would be a “ravey” effort influenced by the city of Berlin.

He added that his follow-up to 2008’s Everything is Borrowed will incorporate “a post modernist, art house Bauhaus” sound, as well as a “mix of 1988 Romford, Blackpool and Philadelphia rock,” referring to the glam metal sound popular in those cities in the late ’80s.

Hmmm, eclectic.

No word yet on a release date or if the upcoming album will in fact be Skinner’s final as the Streets, as he previously stated. However, in a sign of the financial times, Skinner said he no longer had a studio and was working from the comfort of his couch. “It is actually quite a good studio,” he said. “It is warm and software can do such a great job these days.” He added his new environs allow his to work in marathon sessions “completely naked… without even headphones.”