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Goldfrapp’s Musical Colors Spill Over NYC Fans

With the help of a theatrical light show, the Brit fivesome's swoony tunes drench a sold-out crowd at the Beacon Theatre.

Sean Yeaton // April 30, 2008

Poised in front of a rapturous packed house, Goldfrapp transformed New York City’s Beacon Theater from an art-deco relic into the entertainment bridge aboard the Starship Enterprise last night (April 29) with an extravagant light show, as the Brit fivesome plucked out a set heavy in whimsical tunes from their latest set, Seventh Tree.

And though she complained of suffering from a cold, Alison Goldfrapp’s voice still managed to hit all of the dog-whistle highs, notably on the bubbly “Happiness” and sweeping, orchestral “Clown,” as well as Supernature’s “Satin Chic,” as she sang “he’s my man, you don’t understand” simultaneously ghastly and sexy. The songstress and her tunes moved with a fanciful strut, and it seemed, if only for a moment, as if we were whisked away to a surreal English countryside with only Goldfrapp as our guide and $9 beer as our sustenance.

After an unexpected violin solo and a racy complaint of technical problems, Goldfrapp belted fan favorite “You Never Know,” and the crowd replied in applause, some proclaiming their unconventional love for Alison while, um, others requested she de-robe — Goldfrapp, in fact, was the only band member sporting a gown, reflecting the ever-changing colors of the lights overhead. And the luminance rubbed off; as the show let out, the crowd seemed to spill all over Manhattan’s Upper West Side like a broken lava lamp.

Goldfrapp / Photo by Kristina Grinovich

Goldfrapp / Photo by Kristina Grinovich

Goldfrapp / Photo by Kristina Grinovich