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Okay, quick history lesson: A decade ago, rock was rock and club

Okay, quick history lesson: A decade ago, rock was rock and clubmusic was club music, and the two didn’t mix on the dancefloor. Squeezebox, New York City’s legendarily trashy,gay rock’n’roll dance party changed all that.”Squeezebox will go down in history like CBGB and Max’sKansas City!” famed transsexual rocker Jayne Countyscreamed from the stage at the party’s ten-year anniversarybash at Don Hill’s nightclub in May. Then she launched intoher tender ballad “Prostitute in a Parachute.” In thebasement dressing room, wigs were fluffed and cocktails slurped asone of the go-go dancers rocked out with his…well, it was therefor all the VIPs–Johnny Knoxville, Kate Moss, theStrokes’ Albert Hammond Jr., Boy George,Sean Lennon and new girlfriend Elizabeth Jagger–tosee. “I will never recover,” joked Lennon. “Isthat Boy George over there?” he asked (in a thickLiverpudlian accent). “I thought it was a drag queenimitating Boy George!” Hammond said that when he first movedto New York, people told him Squeezebox was the place to meetpeople. “Then I realized maybe I shouldn’t be meetingthose people!”

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